Thursday, October 18, 2007


This is about Error Codes -1071607685 (DTS_E_OLEDBDESTINATIONADAPTERSTATIC_UNAVAILABLE) and -1071607683 (

These 2 codes in my experience are actually the same. I got the first while I had the Fast Load option enabled in an OLE DB Destination. I opened it and changed the Data access mode to Table or View (from Table or View - Fast Load), and then received the second error, which is actually descriptive.
The second error,
-1071607683 (DTS_E_OLEDBDESTINATIONADAPTERSTATIC_INTEGRITYVIOLATION) was caused by a foreign key constraint.

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You can also decrease the default setting "Maximum insert commit size: 2147483647" to keep the batch small. It will slow the load process but your job won't fail as a whole. Only the batch that has validation error will be rejected.

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For any operaion using Fast Load, if any one row fails the constraints, then the entire batch is rejected, kind of like a BULK INSERT. Without Fast Load, you have the option to re-direct bad rows to another (Error) flow and deal with them differently, like sent them to a flat file for analysis.